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Yo, yo yo! We're My Whole Heart Collective, a team of passionate creatives pouring limitless amounts of love and devotion into your memories, owned and operated by Ashley Bowling & Nicole Kilday. We specialize in wedding photography, elopement photography, and couples photography based in Illinois with roots in Denver, CO. Our goal is to capture true, candid, spontaneous moments without posing or directing from behind the camera. We aim to document your memories as they unfold from a true storytelling approach. The real, honest, intimate moments that totally scream ‘YOU’ and reflect your love in its truest form.

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Professional Wedding Photographers based in Illinois with Roots in Denver, CO

We're Nicole & Ashley!

We are so flippin' jacked to be sharing our combined 7 years of experience and all that we are as creatives. We work really hard to combine our passions and expertise as professional wedding photographers with the biggest pieces of ourselves that we value so deeply. My Whole Heart Collective offers an all-inclusive wedding photography experience that denies a vendor-client relationship and instead, welcomes newfound friendships and deeply intentional + purposeful connections. We fully feel we cannot truthfully tell your story without being true to ourselves first; and in turn, welcoming you and your partner exactly as you are. Our mission is to tell your story exactly as it is from a documentary-style approach, capturing all the right pieces of your day so you can focus on being fully present in the moments that matter most.

Lovers of genuine connections, DEEPLY FEELING HUMANS, dance party starters, and your co-captains on your best adventure in love!

Emily & Ryan

"Choosing My Whole Heart Collective as our wedding photographer was literally the best choice we made out of all the decisions we had to make while planning our wedding."

True Storytelling

Why not make the start to forever an adventure in itself?

Elopements running alongside you through your best day ever.


We fully feel we cannot truthfully tell your story without starting from the very beginning...


where it begins

best day ever

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Our mission is to offer our best selves throughout this adventure with you in a way that allows us to document your story from a place of truth. This entails us being here for every step of your wedding photography experience, from start to finish. It means celebrating the sh!t out of this chapter alongside you and breaking out into dance parties when our bodies can’t help but physically feel the excitement. It means being here for you when the process feels heavy and you really just need a judgment-free space to let it all out. We are here to help you gain perspective and provide encouragement to continue ticking all the boxes and bring the wedding vision of your dreams to life. Most importantly, it means welcoming you and your partner exactly as you are, so we have the full opportunity and knowledge to tell your story exactly as it is. This is our deepest commitment to you on this journey.

We want you to feel the love. We'll handle the rest.

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We know there's a lot of questions dancing around in your head when it comes to the photography portion of your absolute best day ever. We aimed to break down everything you'll need to know about our wedding photography experience in our easy-to follow guide. Go ahead, snag the good stuff!


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Your photographer will be with you your ENTIRE wedding day. Make sure you LOVE their style, you've creeped their portfolio and are swooning over their work, read past clients love notes, and most importantly - YOU CONNECT ON A PERSONAL LEVEL. There is literally nothing better than starting your adventure with all the humans who surround you with love and light (including your vendors)!

If it's us on your MUST HAVE checklist or we tick ALL of your bullets off the list - We're so stoked you're here & cannot wait to meet you!

"I was absolutely blown away by the creativity, composition, and flow of our session. We are absolutely in love with each and every photo and would recommend My Whole Heart Collective to anyone who wants true pieces of art to cherish for years."

Do we sound like a good fit? Does our art speak to you in more ways than just something pretty to look at? Can you feel it in your core that we’ll be the best of friends? Ok, 20 questions over. Come say “hello” + REACH OUT FOR MORE DEETS below. We cannot freakin’ wait to meet you!

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