Our Home Base Wedding Venue

Your dream of a wedding day starts with your love story; and then, a space to say “I do.” – so let us introduce you to our “home base”!

Lincoln Farmstead, Huntley, IL: For us (My Whole Heart Collective), Lincoln is near and dear to our hearts. We’ve spent at least 3-5 weekends a year documenting love stories that start their forever on the grounds of Lincoln Farmstead. We’ve come to call this venue – “Home Base”, and that isn’t purely due to location. Lincoln offers a rustic, chic, warm, and welcoming environment & we’re not just talking about the aesthetics. If you’re looking for a venue that makes you feel like family – this is it! There are 3 ceremony locations (outdoors, under the barn milk room for inclement weather, and under the covered patio for smaller, intimate weddings). If you’re a fan of golden hour (let’s be real.. who isn’t?!), Lincoln Farmsteads grounds are an 11/10!

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