The Importance of Engagement Photography Sessions

With such intimate & monumental memories an engagement brings, and our primary goal to tell your story exactly as it is. All of My Whole Heart Collective’s wedding collections include engagement sessions. We personally feel we cannot truthfully tell your story without starting from the beginning and gaining an insider’s view.

Engagement sessions are the absolute perfect time for you and your photographer to get some literal face time & get to know one another. After all, your wedding photographer (or photographers) will be spending your entire day with you.

Starting this relationship off with intentional time to get to know one another is beneficial for both yourself, your lover, and your vendors. You have the opportunity to build personal relationships as well as see how your photographer works. Your photographer(s) gains an inside scoop to your love as well as the ability to fine tune your photography experience in front of their camera. This way, when the wedding day is here, they’ll have all the details to create art that truthfully reflects your love.

We encourage all of our couples to simply be themselves. Engagement sessions are a judgment free zone. Do you want to shake your a$$ in a freshly harvested field, or pop some champagne because HOLY HECK – YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED? We’re here for it. Every engagement session is fine-tuned to fit your love-story. From location (you’re 312% free to choose and we’re here to help guide you – we have a location guide we’ll send to you as well) all the way down to clothing – it’s all about your love.

These sessions can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 60 minutes – if we’re chasing the sunset but want to start early and hang out for a bit; or, if we finish early and want to enjoy a few beers (the ones you cheers’ed with in your photos – duh!) while the sun comes up, we’re totally gonna do it. The ultimate goal – comfort. That being said, our goal is for you two to feel 100% comfortable to be yourselves. The engagement session is a chance to showcase your love in all its authenticity, and gives us plenty of face time to have fun as a team and get comfortable!

Engagement Photo Location: Burlington Prairie Forest Preserve

Engagement Session Outfit Idea: Tristyn’s Casual White Tube Top

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