You’re Getting Married – Now What?!

Step 1.

Soak it in! Enjoy being engaged and celebrate your next adventure in love. Set aside time to bask in these moments! Throw some dance parties in the kitchen, pop some champagne, & sing your song to one another!

Step 2.

Have a date night and make a checklist of your MUST HAVES before you start planning for what your BEST DAY EVER is going to look like. What are pieces of your love that you both ABSOLUTELY have to have present in order to tell your wedding day love story accurately?!

Step 3.

Build your wedding day budget + funnel in your must haves in order. Then, use your checklist to determine what type of space/environment fits your story the best to pick your venue – keeping in mind you can make this story YOUR OWN. Your venue can be unique, just like your love!

Step 4.

Next, book your vendors! Find the ones that you connect with the most + you absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE their work. Take peeks at all your vendors’ websites, portfolios, reviews, and their social media platforms to see which vendors are your perfect match for your day! Build your dream team.

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